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Our CSR commitment

We strive to help everyone make the transition towards a world of sustainable growth. And every day, we ensure that we provide you with evidence of this.

Our social impact

We strive to have a stronger, more inclusive, more concrete impact on society. This ambition is reflected in tangible actions that cover five fields selected on the basis of our legitimacy as a purposeful mutual insurance group.

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Equal opportunities

Promoting a more inclusive society by helping people regain their autonomy, by taking action in favour of employability, and by combating discrimination in any form... We strive for a world where everyone can find or regain their proper place.

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The environment

Playing an active part in the transition to a more sustainable model of society, reducing our ecological footprint, favouring impact investments and raising awareness among our policyholders... We strive for a world that controls its environmental impact.

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Preventing risks relating to transport, health, and private or professional life, and financing research to anticipate new public health, technological and climate risks... We strive for a world that prevents life’s risks.

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The regions

Encouraging local economic dynamism, contributing to the development of social ties and the reduction of geographical divides, and maintaining all forms of local interaction... We work for a world that energises its regions.

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Providing access and imparting knowledge to as many people as possible through an ecosystem of partnerships that promotes education and culture, particularly among the most vulnerable populations... We strive for a world without exclusion from knowledge.

Our responsibility

To be a corporate citizen that complies with current regulations, that in its purchases and investments favours partners that respect our values and our choices of societal commitment, and that always listens to its stakeholders.